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Food and Beverages

Chefs, waitress, Hotel manager, food suppliers, local and international food specialists. Hotel, restaurant, cafe owners. In general those who work with and around food and beverages.

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54 contractors so far


Fashion designers, tailors, textile experts, shoe makers and designers. Experts in boutique, local and exported clothing and shoe materials. Traditional dresses, footlockers, scarfs, kitchen, living room and bedroom clothing professionals.

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45 contractors so far


Any construction and electrical related professionals. House painters, construction workers, house electricians, electrical, civil and mechanical engineers. House contractors and all construction and electrical professionals.

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380 contractors so far


Entertainers, DJs, actors, actresses, musicians, video and photo professionals, directors, writers, event organizers. Journalists, editors and news anchors. Those who are working in the entertainment and related industries and related ones.

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76 contractors so far


Drivers, construction machinery operators, mechanics, car dealers, spare part dealers. Truck drivers, car shop owners, importers and traders. Taxi drivers, transport managers. Those who are in the transportation and car/truck related industries.

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72 contractors so far


Barbers, hairdressers, makeup artists, bridals and more. Manicure and pedicure workers, body care product providers, perfume, lotion, hair oil and related product suppliers and distributors. Anyone working in the body and beauty care area.

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11 contractors so far


Teachers, tutors, educational textbook editors, curriculum designers, educational and stationary item providers. Kindergarten professionals, directors, pedagogic instructors. All in and around Education.

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293 contractors so far


Farmers, cattle herders, working on poultry and fishing sectors. Flower, small and large scale farming, agriculture intellectuals. Those who started recently or veteran farmers and those who are interested in it.

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72 contractors so far

Domestic Help

Maids, janitors, people who will buy stuff from groceries, run errands. In general a person who can help other like going to shopping, paying power and water bill, babysitting and any domestic help

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11 contractors so far


Lawyers, police personnels, those who know the rules and regulations for consultation purposes. Project and proposal writers, bidders, those who know who government office is operating.

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46 contractors so far


Doctors, nurses, dressers, care givers. Heath professionals and educators. Those trained in giving and protecting health and wellbeing of patients. Psychiatric, addiction and gambling professionals. Traditional medicine professionals. Physicians.

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163 contractors so far


Accountants, Economists and Business professionals. Business managers, consultants, marketing professionals. Tax specialists, those who tax codes and consult on any business related tasks

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391 contractors so far


IT professionals, PC and mobile maintenance, trading and sale. Software engineers. Web masters. TV/satellite specialists. Fridge, TV, mobile and/or any electronics repairs. Wholesalers, distributors, traders

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395 contractors so far


Wedding planners, wedding and party item rentals, birthday, anniversary or any kind of party planners. cost estimators, property and order management. Those who are experienced in such engagements.

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28 contractors so far

Office Related

Secretaries, office assistants, copy and printing machine operators, office professionals. Managers, human resource professionals. Those who have worked in office as employee or manager in any case.

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106 contractors so far


Those who are different trades and skills than the listed ones.

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23 contractors so far


Translators,bloggers, article writers, critiques. Those who do secretarial tasks like typing documents.

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66 contractors so far

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