Who We Are and What We Do

Balemuya is a young company established in United States of America. It's main office is located at the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland. Balemuya is focusing on how to empower Ethiopians with the skill set they have

We highly believe in leveraging the skill Ethiopians have. Traditionally, the skill has been defined to a group of professions and handy peoples only. That remains true. But, we see skill from different angle. You have skill and probably no one has pointed that out to you.

Skill is abundunt in Ethiopia today. You have a lot more skill than you think. All you need is a coordinated approach to benefit from your skill and help others as well.

Balemuya is taking advantage of technology to provide the right skill market to the right need. Our innnovative and top-notch tech team is working hard to create right software to help us achieve the goal.

How does it work

A contractor will register at balemuya first. Project owners will be listing their task and the contractor will pick the tasks that he/she can work on. The project owner will pick applications and select a contractor to assign the task. Once the contractor is assigned, we will contact the contractor for documentations and verifications if contractor hasn't been verfied already. Project owners will post the payment with balemuya. That way the contractors will know the money has been allocated. Contractors won't be paid until the task is successfully done and approved by project owner. Once the task is completed and project owner approves it, balemuya will pay the contractor.

We belive we can work together to reach our goal of using our own skill for the better life.

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