Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not. is not affiliated or working with any kind of MLM(multi level marketing) programs. It is solely using your skill and matching it to the right project or contract.
We are asking for password only for the purpose of creating account on Using this account, members can login and perform different tasks like updating their profile, editing their skillset and check if there are any messages from potential employers and project owners.

The password to be used on balemuya should be different from most of your other accounts like email, facebook and other personal accounts. This, by the way, is a good security measure whenever you are creating account on different websites and mobile applications.

Security is our number one priority and we take all the measures to keep it safe. We are not sharing the password and any of your personal information to thirdparties.
Our contact information is listed on contact page.
You can register your skill by going to
We have tried to accomodate most of the skillsets and professions. If yours is not listed, please proceed with "Misc" and shoot us an email on
We highly recommend you do that. Because, other contractors who are also applying with payment will get higher preference since the project owners might be comparing that with their budget.
The payment options are credit card payment and paypal. If you have other method you would like to use, please send us email at
The payment will be posted when the contractor is assigned. But, the contractor won't be paid without your approval. When the task is done, you will be notified about the progress. And you will issue approval and the contractor will be paid.
In this case the task will be posted and assigned to new contractor. But, if you are not going to approve, then the money will be returned to you right away.